Vulture Project

19th January 2013
Having a real passion for conservation in the next 3 years Lewis plans to document the vast decline of old world vultures. This project will take him to a number of different continents from Europe and Africa. A visit to the Indian and Pakistan regions will also be happening as this region has probably been hit the hardest with bird populations declining by 99%
Documenting these birds and the problems they are facing has already started with Lewis traveling to the highest populated area in Europe, Extremadura a region in south west Spain were the numbers of Griffin and Monk Vultures remain quiet healthy. Birds such as the Egyptian species and Bearded vultures remain low however.
Lewis is also networking with a number of people around the world working on the ground to help secure the bird’s survival. A visit to Vulpro in South Africa in August is planned along with a trip to Vienna to visit RFZ in Haringsee where the reintroduction of the bearded vultures was established.
If you are interested in this project and would like to find out more please feel free to contact Lewis via the website.

As a conservationist Lewis is always moving forward in ways to help protect wildlife and the vulture is one of the worlds most important yet underestimated species of bird. Lewis will be working to promote the vultures future by taking lectures regarding these species along with providing photography workshops on these impressive birds. His plan is to work with and raise as much as he can for VulPro which is a leading conservation trust for vultures in Southern Africa. VulPro have been running for 5 years and is totally dependant on donations for their work in the field. Some of the issues that the birds are faced with are.

Witch Craft
Habitat Loss

along with many other issues.

These birds are vitally important to our planets eco systems and are disappearing all around the world. If you would like lewis to attend your school regarding a demonstration and a talk this would not be a problem. Lewis can also attend photography clubs and many other events where he will try to raise money for VulPro.

For more information please feel free to contact Lewis on 07800 986673 or via the website.

If you would like to donate money then please feel free to contact on the above.

Below is a link to a 3 minute trailer regarding the work of Vulpro.

Also a link to National Geographic