Twstimonials From Clients.

Chris Simmonds, Brighton.

I have attended 3 courses run by Lewis:

One to One in Wales (2 days).
Brecon Beacons landscape weekend.
1 week in the Lake District.

On all occasions I have found him to be very professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about photography. He will always go the extra mile to get you to understand waiting for the right light to be able to compose your image for the best result. I gained some very helpful knowledge regarding when and how to use filters to improve the image.

I would have no reservations in recommending Lewis.

Karen, Cambridge.

I had a fabulous weekend with Lewis. He has a great eye for a good photograph
and knows the area very well. He packed loads of fabulous photo opportunities
into the weekend, all the time keeping an eye on the weather and the time of
day so that each view point was at its best.
He was really helpful in the use of filters, an area in which I needed some

Lewis is extremely approachable and aimed the workshop perfectly for the
ability of those on it. In addition, he has a great general knowledge of the
Brecon Beacons adding an extra interest to the weekend.
He is good fun, immediately putting me at my ease so that I could ask any
questions without feeling sill.
Oh and also his taste in beer is very good!!

Geoff Spriegel, Surrey.

Lewis is an engaging and skilled photographic tutor with an infectious enthusiasm for the workshop he runs. I completed the workshop with at least 12 great images that I would be proud to display anywhere. The days started early and finished late, with Lewis determined that I got full value for the weekend. He had researched the locations very well, no time was wasted in helping me collect some memorable images. My knowledge advanced far more than I had expected learning some key skills that will help me capture images on my own as I progress my hobby in landscape photography. Hard work, fun and informative.

Lynsey Kay, Dover

At the end of March three of us travelled to Wales for a weekend of photography with Lewis Phillips. The aim, to improve our photography skills, or if a little more honest to find some to begin with. Lewis clearly had his work cut out as he discovered when we all imbibed the best the local public house had to offer. This was a perfect opportunity to get acquainted and discuss what we would like to focus on for the weekend. As if our demands were not enough, his challenge was made greater by a fresh onset of wintery weather. Whilst a beautiful blanket of white makes for a great image, it does not make for great driving conditions and accessibility to desired locations. This did not stop our intrepid leader, who got up early to locate alternative sites, whilst we still slumbered blissfully. With alternative locations selected and our bellies full with a delicious hot breakfast we set off. Who would have thought photographing snowy landscapes would be so difficult. Not us, but we soon made that discovery. However, on hand was Lewis with the patience of a saint to teach us exactly how to use all of those terrifying settings on the camera and all with a smile. We photographed landscapes, experimenting with depth of field, ISO settings and white balance, aiming to compensate for the glare given by the snow without losing definition. The challenge, trying to put all this together and frame the picture perfectly. So by the end of the day we all returned to our accommodation with hopefully a few good landscape photos. After thawing out and having been well fed, we all sat down with a well deserved glass of wine, ready for the critique. Lewis was very gentle with us, his comments were constructive and demonstrated his extensive knowledge.
Day 2 we had a break in the weather and access to locations was much improved. This allowed us to visit a beautiful waterfall, where we were able to practice what we had learnt the pervious day as well as experiment with photographing running water. From here we visited a church and had a great deal of amusement creating panoramic images in the local graveyard. Lewis then brought out two birds of prey, enabling us to create some very atmospheric shots. A very packed morning. After a refreshment stop it was off to the red kite centre to capture images of these beautiful birds feeding, but you had to be fast, these birds are not keen on posing. So all in all an excellent weekend, where we all came away with some excellent shots that we could be proud of. Hello SLR, goodbye I Phone.
Lynsey Kay, Dover

Maidstone Camera Club
Photographing birds of Prey, Chris Couch

Twelve club members went on Sunday the 9th of June to photograph birds of prey. The venue was at “The Art of Mine” craft centre, which is on Coldblow Lane Thurnham.
Lewis Phillips, wildlife photographer, and bird handler Veronica from the Raptor Centre, Groombridge gave us the chance to capture birds of prey at close range.
Veronica brought seven raptors for us to photograph, they were a Baby Tawny Owl/Peregrine Falcon/Burrowing Owl/Harris Hawk/African Fish Eagle/Batala Eagle/and a Bengal Owl.
The day started at 10am, a bit blustery with a chill in the air. We had an introduction talk about what the day consisted of and a few tips on camera settings.
After Tea and coffee we were out capturing portrait images of the Burrowing Owl and the Peregrine Falcon.
Lewis and Veronica tried to put the birds in natural positions for us. They also had several props about the site to add a bit more interest in our images.
While Veronica was setting the birds up Lewis helped those who needed help with camera setting and techniques etc.
After lunch, the weather brightened up so that we could photograph some of the birds in flight, and in between flying we had the chance of some more portrait work.
We all agreed how enjoyable the day had been, and it was thanks to Lewis and Veronica, who put so much effort in.

Upminster Camera Club
Sylvia Williams
Programme secretary

Dear Lewis,
What a fabulous evening you gave us last night! I can't remember an evening with so much participation from our members except perhaps a glamour evening (but your birds were more glamorous!)
Your passion and commitment to your cause came across to everyone and I'm sure with your determination you with achieve your aims for the vultures and other birds of prey. I know I will view the vulture in a new light and will spread the word amongst my contacts with other clubs and "bird" enthusiasts.
We spoke about you returning to judge our Bijou Trophy and I have listed a few dates, if these are not suitable then I will try to fit in with your commitments. You are a fabulous charismatic speaker with great knowledge and skill and we would love to have you back at Upminster.

Sylvia Williams
Programme secretary

David Kent
Hi Lewis

I’m just emailing to say thanks once again for the Bird Of Prey workshop last Sunday. I had a really fantastic day! Being a keen birder it was great to see such wonderful birds up close and being a keen photographer it was amazing to be able to photograph them in such a natural environment. I learnt a huge amount technically and sat in the car afterwards and wrote some notes up before I forgot! Stuff like always using the longest focal length possible for this type of photography to maximise background blur and moving backwards if need be, shooting auto with exposure compensation rather than using manual, and especially my new found knowledge of utilising the histogram – all of that is going to be really helpful along with a lot of other tips I picked up from you too. Thanks also for lending me the 500mm Nikon lens – that was a real bonus on the day and I really appreciate it. I managed to take close on 600 photos on the day.