Sea Surge, Donna Nook

29th November 2011
With the storm force NW winds in Scotland on Sunday a huge surge
tide came down the North Sea with water overtopping much of the
foredunes and causing havoc at Donna Nook and the seal colony. It's
one of the highest tides I've seen in 31 years living at Coastguard

See the Trust webpage:

Beach and viewing area closed to all visitors
An unusually high tide has washed away part of the fence and damaged
the path.
Seals are spread throughout the public viewing area, pups have become
separated from their mothers and some pups have been washed out to sea.

The viewing area is currently closed to all visitors. The distressed
seals need peace and quiet in order for mothers to relocate their pups.
In addition, with seals within the public viewing area, public safety
cannot be guaranteed.