Return Trip From Spain

21st February 2013

I have now returned from my trip which went very well indeed. I have been documenting the issues faced by vultures in spain and more so the region of Extremadura. This area which has one of the highest population of these birds in Europe is very unique in habitat and farming methods.

I had a translator called Juan Carlos helping me on the visit to cover the questions i wanted to cover. Juan was also involved in conservation and had a very good understanding of issues in their countryside, without his help regarding translation none of this would have been possible.

Juan Carlos

All the farms i visited were traditional and all there cattle were grazed on the dehasa which is one of the best natural environments in the world.

Below are some of the questions i asked them.

Jesus and Ines
Question 1
Do farmers leave dead cattle out for birds to clear or by law do they have to disperse of the animal by incineration.

Question 2
Have they noticed any demise in vulture population over the last 30 years

Question 3
Have they ever seen vultures trying to kill livestock and if so when was this.

Question 4
Do they have any thoughts or beliefs why the birds are becoming rarer.

Question 5
Do they have any idea that 80% of the birds have lead poisoning, is this to do with hunters leaving dead caucuses out with lead shot in them, also because there is not enough food for the birds to eat.

Question 6
What do they think of the changing sanitary laws, has this affected the farmers and would they prefer to leave the dead animals out on a preferred commodores.

Question 7
Are there any feeding sites around that we could visit?

Question 8
Would they like to do more for the birds?

Question 9
Madrid or Barcelona (football) This was my own personal joke question.

All the information they gave me will be used in my future book to try to raise the profile of the birds and what they offer our planets ecosystems.

If you would like to know more on this project then please feel free to contact me through the website.