Reedbeds could help revive polluted River Lea - Thames21

19th June 2013
Reedbeds could help revive polluted River Lea - Thames21
Independent research calls for extensive reedbed creation to reduce water pollution, boost biodiversity and increase London green space.
The creation of reedbeds along the River Lee (or Lea)* Navigation could be a low-cost and attractive part of a solution to the river’s significant pollution problems.
A new independent report commissioned by Thames21 reveals huge potential for reedbeds to boost biodiversity, reduce the effects of pollution and improve the social and amenity value of the lower Lee Catchment. Reedbeds are regarded as one of the most important ecosystems on earth and are sometimes referred to as ‘the kidney of the landscape’ for their important role in filtering pollutants and maintaining fresh water health. The research report ‘Project Reedbed’ was supported by the Environment Agency and carried out as part of the charity’s Love the Lea campaign.
View the report here