Government failing in ambition to be ‘greenest ever’ - Wildlife and Countryside Link

29th November 2012
Government failing in ambition to be ‘greenest ever’ - Wildlife and Countryside Link
The Coalition Government is failing on its own commitments to Britain’s natural environment: that’s the public’s view from a survey organised by Wildlife and Countryside Link (Link), a coalition of 39 leading environmental charities.
Of those surveyed, less than a quarter (23%) think the Government is doing enough to protect our landscapes and wildlife – on land and at sea. The poll also finds that 84% of people think that the natural environment boosts their quality of life, with 81% wanting to see the natural environment and its wildlife protected at all costs. Only 17 per cent of people agreed that this is the ‘greenest government ever.’
The survey, conducted by ComRes and published today [27 November, 2012], shows that the public concurs with the arguments put forward in Link’s new report, Nature Check 2012, also published today, which tracks the Government’s progress since 2011 against 20 of its own major commitments to the natural environment. Nature Check 2012 finds that, while some progress has been made, the Government needs to do much more to secure a healthy and thriving natural environment.
Nature Check 2012 is Link’s second assessment of the Coalition Government’s progress and the ‘traffic-light’ assessment shows the Coalition achieving ‘green’ on just two of its 20 commitments (protection of whales and of elephants). Of the remaining 18, the Government is failing on four (red), and making moderate, but insufficient, progress on 14 (amber). Link believes there is room for massive improvement.