Cumbria wetlands at risk

11th March 2012
Cumbria wetlands at risk - Cumbria Wildlife Trust
Cumbria Wildlife Trust has today released a report announcing that, outside of officially protected sites, 97 per cent of the national park’s upland wetlands (peat bogs and fens) are in an ‘unfavourable management’ condition. This could have an impact on water quality, carbon storage and wildlife habitats across the county.
The Trust’s volunteers found a fantastic range of rare wetland species, many of which rely on the Lake District as their stronghold in England. Sadly, most have been declining. The causes of the poor condition identified include heavy grazing and past drainage, plus under-grazing and bracken encroachment.
Cumbria Wildlife Trust worked for two years with landowners of 98 sites across the county, including blanket bogs, upland fens, flushes and swamps. The good news is that Cumbria Wildlife Trust has begun a three-year Uplands Wetlands Restoration project that will improve these areas for future generations