Badgers are back in the news

06th February 2013
Badgers are back in the news - and back in danger. The government has confirmed that the badger cull will “definitely be going ahead this summer”. [1]

We knew the badger cull would be back on the agenda sooner or later. The autumn delay was just a holding tactic. Now thousands of badgers could die, despite the scientists saying the evidence is shaky. [2]

People power can stop these plans. You’re one of the 70,000 of us who have already signed the petition to stop the cull. [3] But amazing as that number is, we can do better.

A huge petition is key to persuading the government that this is one issue they can’t sweep under the carpet. Can you forward this email to family and friends now, asking them to sign the petition here?

The government want this decision to be low-key. They won’t want a repeat of the outcry that forced them into an embarrassing retreat in the autumn. So let’s show them that we’re still against the cull - and still working to stop it.

The government have some powerful allies - but we know that people power works. In the last two weeks alone, 38 Degrees members have acted together to save the Lake District from a nuclear dump, and made sure our forests remain in public ownership. [4]

Badgers have been part of the British countryside for generations,and we want to protect them for generations to come. If we’re going to stop the cull, numbers count - and the petition needs to grow. The bigger it gets, the more chance we have of persuading the government that they should change their minds.

Please forward this email to family and friends. All they need to do is click here to add their name to the petition: