Bird Of Prey Photography.

Birds Of Prey Photography Workshop.

Dates 21st May 2016
20th August 2016

The Workshop

Would you like to get up and personal with a variety of birds of prey from around the world. For the second year Lewis will be running these popular workshops allowing photographer's to get natural looking images set in natural locations.
The workshops are held on the North Downs in the Garden Of England, Kent. The location is an ideal place for photography offering superb lighting conditions especially during the winter months.
Lewis uses a professional falconer who intimately knows her birds, the falconer also understands the requirements that photographers need to get their images and the birds are trained to a very high standard. />

What You Need

Any standard of photographer are welcome. Ideally an SLR camera is needed but bridge cameras can also be used. Lenses from wide angle, telephoto and macro can be used. Flash guns are also permitted to be used as it does not stress the birds. Tripods are also recommended and bean bags will allow you to photograph low to the ground.

Tea and coffee is provided, you will need to bring a packed lunch for the day as food is not provided.

About The Birds.

Native birds are used on the day along with birds from America, Africa and other locations around the world. The morning session starts at 10am where Lewis will take you through camera control, iso settings, aperture priority along with composition with the use of static birds, This session will go on for around 2.5 hours. We will then break off for lunch with tea and coffee provided in the stunning studios of This Art Of Mine. During the break we can discuss any issues that arise during the session and you are also free to walk around the studio if you wish.
The afternoon session will then start at 1.30 where birds will be set up for flying shots, again Lewis will talk you through techniques needed to capture birds in flight. Images of the birds in their landscape will also be possible with the use of wide angle lenses.

The day will finish around 4.00 pm with tea or coffee at the end of the day.
All standards of photographer are welcome from entry level to professional.
Costs for the day are £70 per photographer.
To purchase a workshop through this site click on the link below.

A minimum of six people need to book for the workshop to run.

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